Monthly Archives: September 2014

Can wolves change the behavior of rivers?

Wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone Natural Park in 1995.  The result was an amazing impact on deer and elk populations, as well as birds, bears, rabbits and mice — even forests and rivers.  Really?  Wolves...

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Can an eagle swim??

Short answer: Not very well.  An eagle’s breast stroke may be sufficient to get it to land that is not too far away, but Michael Phelps’ record is safe.  It had never occurred to...

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Focus on Children’s Literature with Martine Leavitt: next SCBWI meeting September 11

Do you wrestle with theme when you’re writing, or is it your guiding light?  If you write YA or mid-grade fiction, you won’t want to miss Martine Leavitt’s presentation on theme on Thursday, September 11.  Leavitt is...

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