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School presentations focus on Pamela’s non-fiction titles and are suitable for class-sized groupings of no more than 35 students.  Half-day and full-day rates are available and a variety of presentations can be selected.

Salamander Rescue: A Story Inspired by Nature
Grades 2 - 4

Salamanders are cool! Amazing facts and photos will grab young readers’ attention and light their curiosity for the natural world around them. Focus is on the unique life cycle of amphibians and physical features specific to long-toed salamanders – including how Waterton’s population of long-toed salamanders inspired this story. This presentation can be a springboard for story writing, research projects, and great discussions about environmental stewardship. The session concludes with a reading from Salamander Rescue.

Length: 30 – 45 minutes

Book: Salamander Rescue

Salamander Rescue





Ospreys in Danger: Is it a bird? What is an osprey anyway?
Grades 2 - 4

Ospreys are skilled fishers, devoted parents, and distant travellers.  This presentation focusses on the amazing features of this species, its life cycle, migration, and the physical characteristics that make it unique.  Striking visuals enhance this presentation, including video clips from web cams in osprey nests all over the world.  Cross curricular links are made between Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, and the session concludes with a reading from Ospreys in Danger.

Length: 30 – 45 minutes

Book: Ospreys in Danger

Ospreys - high res




Focus on Fiction - Based on Fact
Grades 2 - 4

Ospreys in Danger and Salamander Rescue were inspired by actual events that occurred in Waterton Lakes National Park.  In this presentation we will explore getting a story started using personal experience, news headlines, and the writer’s mantra: what if?  If a story is based on truth, how much research is required?  How true must the story be and what does the reader expect?  Students will test their own what if skills with fun headlines.

Length: 30- 45 minutes

Book: Ospreys in Danger

Ospreys - high res Salamander Rescue






Animals, Animals
Kindergarten – Grade One

This presentation introduces the writing process and how a non-fiction book is created.  Science curriculum correlations are developed, specifically how living things meet their needs to survive through food, habitat, physical features, etc. The relationship between print and pictures provides excellent enrichment for early literacy programs.

Length: 30 – 45 minutes

Books: Animals in My Backyard series: Wolves, Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Rabbits



Early Canadians on the Prairies
Grades 2 - 4

Who were the first people that settled Canada’s early communities?  This presentation explores the jobs they did, the tools they used, and the conditions they worked in.  Do these jobs have an equivalent career in today’s communities?  How do they differ?  Curriculum correlations are extended into Language Arts with a first-person journal-writing activity.

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Books: Early Canadians series: Storekeeper, Fur Trader, Schoolteacher, Doctor

schoolteacherDoctorstorekeeperFur trader






Researching and Writing a Biography
Grades 5 – 6

This presentation looks at strategies for researching and structuring a biography, focusing on the challenge of writing about current celebrities.  Language Arts and CTS curriculum correlations are developed, including identifying relevant information, using graphic organizers and evaluating the trustworthiness of internet sources.

Length:  45 – 60 minutes

Books:  Remarkable People series: Selena Gomez, Adele, and Michael Phelps


adelemichael phelpsMalalaSelena


Pamela was an engaging presenter for our Kindergarten students. She spoke to them with warmth, using words they could understand. A short group activity allowed students the opportunity to think like a non-fiction writer.

from Stephanie Carter, Edison School, Okotoks, AB