Have you finished reading Salamander Rescue? Here’s a new QUIZ!

Salamander Rescue , published by Orca Books, 2016

Salamander Rescue , published by Orca Books, 2016

Are you ready for a challenge? If you have finished reading my newest chapter book, Salamander Rescue, try this new quiz to see how much you remember. I’ve included questions about the characters, Waterton, and – of course – salamanders!

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Salamander Rescue
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In Salamander Rescue, Cricket and Shilo are surprised to discover an animal they have never seen before: long-toed salamanders. They are tiny, squooshy creatures, not slimy or slippery, like the girls expected. The discovery of the salamanders is exciting, but Cricket quickly realizes that a new obstacle blocking their migration route may cause many salamanders to die. Can Cricket and her friends come up with a solution to help the salamanders before the migration starts?

This story was inspired by the real-life salamander rescue operation in Waterton in 1991 and is perfect for young readers who are ready for a longer story with chapters and fabulous illustrations. You can buy Salamander Rescue and the first book in the series, Ospreys in Danger, here.


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