Five Fast Facts for Friday: Henry Ford

henry ford

History Makers: Henry Ford for Grades 3 – 5

Henry Ford used his imagination and skills to change the automobile industry. Here are five fast facts you may not know about Henry Ford:

  1. Ford’s first working automobile was a quadricycle that he couldn’t fit out the workshop door.
  2. In 1902, Ford built a race car, 999, which had no steering wheel or transmission.
  3. More than 10,000 Model T cars were purchased in 1908, the first year this model was produced.
  4. Ford was good friends with other entrepreneurs, like Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone.
  5. From 1913 to 1925, the Model T was available only in black in order to cut time and costs.

Want to know more about Ford’s race car, 999? Check out this video!

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