Five Fast Fact for Friday: Exterminator

Exterminators provide a service that you might not think about or value much – until your deck has been eaten by termites or bats have made a home in your eaves. Here are five fast facts about exterminators:

  1. Dirty Job: Exterminator, grades 3 - 5

    Dirty Job: Exterminator, grades 3 – 5

    In the 19th century, natural products like kerosene and nicotine were used to get rid of insect pests.

  2. A female German cockroach can have 30,000 young in one year. Eek!
  3. Today, diatomaceous earth is a more eco-friendly product used to control insects.
  4. A raccoon can squeeze through a hole 11.25 cm (4.5 inches) wide.
  5. The United States government predicts that the number of pest control jobs will increase by more than 20 percent by 2022.

The cold winters in Alberta – like the -20C deep freeze this month – contribute to natural pest control by killing many insects that cause problems in warmer climates. I’ll put up with a few weeks of cold so I don’t have to worry about spiders and snakes and other scary critters!

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