Straight Talk About….Teen Pregnancy

Finding yourself pregnant as a teenager is a scary thing.  There are so many issues involved.  Teen Pregnancy examines the fact that about one third of girls in the United States will get pregnant before the age of twenty.  Yet it is still difficult for teens to talk about sex.  This book discusses all options for dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, where to seek help, how to provide support and how to stay healthy.  Teens share their own personal experiences to provide further insight on this issue.

ISBN: 9780778721390

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

Publication Date: 2010

Pages: 48

Age Range: 10-13


Let’s face it, 13-year-olds can get pregnant, and apparently, nearly 250,000 Canadian teens do. While some of these pregnancies are the result of rape or coerced sex, some girls choose to become pregnant for a variety of reasons. Whatever the circumstances, Teen Pregnancy make it clear that this is a life-changing decision. One of the photos in this book shows a baby-faced young student holding twins. Truly, it’s a portrait of three children and the age of the young mom is a shocker to adults.

The Straight Talk series does an excellent job of exploring some very difficult issues and….is a great addition both to middle and senior high school library collections. CM Magazine, February 18, 2011

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