Ospreys in Danger

Awards and Nominations

2015 Green Earth Book Awards nominee

Canadian Children’s Book Centre – Best Books of Fall 2014

When an osprey nest atop an electrical pole catches fire, the whole town of Waterton loses power.  Cricket, a park ranger’s daughter, is there at the scene, where she finds three abandoned baby ospreys.  Caring for the chicks proves to be challenging for Cricket.  The birds are noisy, hungry, and very picky eaters.  But when she discovers that the power company is building a new anti-nesting device on the power pole, Cricket has an even bigger problem.  How will she reunite the baby birds with their parents without a place for them to build a nest?

Illustrations by Kasia Charko

ISBN-13: 9781459802834

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

Publication Date: May 1, 2014

Pages: 64

Age Range: 7 – 9


Author McDowell has done a fine job of telling an interesting and immediate story to children who are becoming interested in environmentalism and who can connect to the events in this story. CM Magazine, April 18, 2014

This story fits well within the Orca Echoes theme of social responsibility, and teaches readers about osprey and what can happen when wild animals and human infrastructure intersect. There is also information about the true story that informed the book, and further information about ospreys. Interesting and engaging, with a happy ending. Resource Links Magazine, April 2014

Would make a great tie-in to a class science study of environmentalism or wildlife habitats. For those practising reading skills it might be used as a read aloud to focus on inferring, predicting, problem solving and learning styles.  Canadian Teacher Magazine August, 2014

Children who are becoming interested in environmental and conservation issues will be drawn into Cricket’s conflict between wildlife and humans. Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group, August 11, 2014

An exciting tale for young animal lovers. School Librarian’s Workshop December 2014

What readers are saying

I like the story because I didn’t know about ospreys before and that they are so big and eat lots. My favourite character was Cricket because she was willing to help the ospreys. Jarah, Grade 3

I like how it’s an informative story, yet it also includes humor to make it more interesting. It’s a bit of a mysterious story, too, because no one quite knows why the telephone pole on which the ospreys were nesting caught on fire. The main characters, Cricket and Shilo, really make the story interesting because they are so different personality-wise. Ava, Grade 3

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